Dr Sara

IMG_3671I trained to become a doctor of chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, graduating in 2000. I practiced in the USA for four years before moving back to the UK, where I’ve since been in private practice.

I am a mother of two teenage daughters, both whom have received chiropractic care since birth, and both who have grown up in a natural holistic environment. I love spending time with my daughters – we particularly enjoy working out together and walking our little dog! I am fortunate enough to also home educate my youngest daughter, whilst my oldest daughter enjoys going to the local grammar school.

I have a passion for health and love what I do. Chiropractic enables me to help people from many different paths in life. My goal as a chiropractor is to help my patients live full lives, to do the things they love, not just get out of pain. To do this it means helping a patient in all aspects of their health, and sharing the wealth of knowledge I have been so fortunate to have learnt. Often it’s a simple piece of advice that can make a big difference.

I practice several different techniques, and customise my treatment to each patient and their particular needs.

I treat newborns, children, teens, adults and the elderly. My youngest patient was hours old (my daughter) and my oldest was 94 years old. I also work with athletes helping them optimise their performance.

Find me on Facebook under the name -the stroud chiropractor, where you can find many reviews of my services.