SOT – I have undertaken years of extensive study and qualified as an ADVANCED SOT PRACTITIONER, I have also helped assist instructors at the very prestigious SOTO -europe seminars. I have also studied chiropractic cranial techniques.

Sacro-Occipital Technique is a gentle holistic approach that considers the whole body, literally from head to toe. SOT addresses imbalances in the pelvis, sacroiliac strains, disc injuries, cranial distortions/problems, jaw problems, shoulder, knee and ankle/foot problems.

Trigger Point therapy -A soft tissue technique that releases trigger points that can be found in the belly of a muscle and can refer pain to other areas of the body (for example a trigger point in the gluteus/buttock muscle can create sciatica pain).

ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE– a soft tissue technique that helps prevent/ breakdown scar tissue and lengthen tight muscles.

CHIROPRACTIC MANIPULATION– freeing up joints that are fixated, the noise (click/crack as people like to call it), is not your bones cracking, but air (nitrogen) escaping from a fixated area. It should never hurt, and I am always gentle in my approach.

UltraSound– Effective modality in the reduction of pain, swelling and edema. Ultrasound is also an effective for sprains/strains, scar tissue and soft tissue injuries.

SPORT TAPE– As seen on many olympic and professional athletes, used to treat injuries, improve range and motion and generally improve sports performance. However, that is just the beginning of how this amazing tape can be used. Many non-athletes have found benefits also, there are applications that help reduce swelling and edema significantly, there are so many benefits of sport taping -please give me a call if you have any questions. I also only use authentic SPORTSTAPE.CO.UK tape, known for it’s very high quality (I also like to support small UK businesses).

NUTRITIONAL ADVICE – Using a holistic approach, and adhering to the ‘eat-clean’ principles. Diets don’t work, lifestyle changes do, so I offer advice how to heal your body and lose weight without starving or doing fad diets.